About Tadpole Prep


We have a friendly, loving, and educated staff at Tadpole Prep. All staff members are highly qualified and trained. We believe in continuous learning and our teachers participate in ongoing professional learning development courses.


At Tadpole Prep we strive to create a setting in which children will find comfort and security. We offer an abundance of opportunities for self-discovery, supporting children’s individual needs, interests and abilities. We believe all children have the right to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of race, language, ability or gender. Early education is fundamental for future learning. Our programs are designed to prepare children for their transition to the wider community and help them become confident, independent active members of our society.

Our philosophy is:

  •  To provide a safe, well supervised environment for children to play, learn and develop.
  • To provide educational and creative programs based on individual and group interests and observations.
  • To enrich children’s awareness of the environment and a sense of connection to the natural world around us.
  • To provide a total learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore.
  • To promote honest and open communication with our families, respecting their rights and opinions.
  • To encourage family involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational programs.

We want to welcome your family to the Tadpole Prep family!




Each month of curriculum has a featured theme. Thematic investigations allow children to play, explore and learn about different concepts in their expanding lives. Themes allow children to organize new information and create a growing mental schema. Each theme creatively integrates colors, shapes, numbers and letters of the month. Plus, each month features a different music genre in our exclusive integrated music program.


Mother Goose Time uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills through monthly activities and discovery projects. As children participate in Mother Goose Time, they are naturally exposed to skills which support their on-going social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. These skills, when combined with a nurturing environment, intentional teaching practices, and meaningful relationships support a child’s school readiness.